Write Solid Estimates On Big Trucks/Trailers - Quickly and Easily!


Don't over-pay for commercial truck estimating software. Use ABF's Heavy Truck Estimator to write your estimates at just a fraction of the price of other systems!

FleetEst Estimator Requires Windows


Here's What You'll Get:

• Low Priced Subscription:

Why spend $1100 to $1700 a year just to write estimates? ABF's Heavy Truck Estimator 35 software will do the same job for just a fraction of the price of the other truck estimating systems.

• You Get Complete Coverage on Big Trucks and Semi Trailers:

You Get Solid Labor and Paint Times on Heavy and Medium trucks like Freigtliner, Kenworth, Peterbuit and much more! Plus Semi Trailers like Fruenhoff, Wabash, Great Dane, etc. And there's complete coverage on the most popular truck bodies like Dry Vans, Refers, Flat Beds, etc. Now Write Repair Estimates On Commercial Trucks and Semi Trailers Quickly, Easily - Better Than Ever Before!!

• You Get VIN Decoding!

Press the V key to automatically fill in the year, make, model and engine size into your estimate. This saves you time over typing vehicle model information into your estimate. ABF Vin Decoding gives you accurate vehicle data quickly. Covers cars, trucks and suv's - all the way back to 1981. Internet connection is required.

Part Prices:

Truck, body and trailer part prices are not available from any third party source. You must contact your local dealer vendors for pricing information. After entering the Line Item repair details, press the R key, and you can quickly enter prices and part numbers.

You Get Multiple Shop Rate Profiles:

You can crteate different rates for your walk in customers, fleet accounts, non-taxable (or wholesale) or insurance accounts. When writing your estimate, you can choose from a pre-set profile for every situation. You simply select the rate profile you want and all labor, material and sales tax are automatically inserted and charged in the estimate.

You Get Automatic 2 and 3 Stage Refinish Calculations:

You select Single Stage, Base Coat/Clear Coat or Tri Coat option and the ABF Software does the rest by adding additional refinish labor and paint material charges!

You Get Additional Miscellaneous Charges:

You can create and price out pre-set charges for items that may be forgotten and overlooked. Common charges are Add To Cover Vehicle , Frame Setup , Color Match and sublet items such as Wheel Alignment, Stripe Tape and much more! Add these charges to your estimate at any time to make your estimate more accurate and profitable.

Your Estimating Files Are Safe on Your Computer:

All confidential customer and estimate files are stored on your computer - not on some remote web server! Your data is hidden from internet hackers.

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Requires Windows 11, 10, 8 or 7

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